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Presiding Judge Joseph Corabi said he would have to attend a video seminar conducted by the Ohio Supreme Court to learn how the form would be changed. The court was preparing for the day when the first homosexual couple would enter the court to change the marriage application form to make their gender non-specific.

The couple had discussed the issue of marriage before and had considered holding an engagement ceremony several times over the years, but decided to wait until marriage could be considered real in the eyes of the law. Riesbeck and Zinn are planning a small, formal ceremony at their Steubenville home to celebrate their union with close friends and family.

They have been sharing a house in Steubenville for four years and are committed to revitalizing the city center. Together they have restored a century old house as part of a community initiative and prefer to host family-friendly events that are a short walk or drive away and can support the economy of their home town.

If you can marry someone you are with, you can't do anything wrong, but the connection is deeper than marriage.

The marriage petition filed by the Jefferson County Probate Court confirmed that they were married and they applied for and received a marriage certificate, making history as the first same-sex couple in Jefferson County. They were sworn in at the Steubenville courthouse at 9.30am on Monday morning.

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More About Steubenville